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For Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) purposes, a depositor's account balances in First Bank & Trust Company of Cozad, Nebraska will be aggregated with any account balances of the depositor in the following offices, branches, or internet sites of First Bank & Trust Company of Cozad, Nebraska:
- Mountain View Bank, Colorado Springs, Colorado

The total account balances of a depositor with First Bank & Trust Company of Cozad, Nebraska, and its offices and branches will have the benefit of the deposit insurance coverage that the FDIC provides to a depositor's accounts in a single bank. To determine the level of FDIC deposit insurance coverage available on accounts in a single bank, please ask for the FDIC brochure "Your Insured Deposit" or visit www.fdic.gov and, in the "Consumer Resources" section, click on "Your Insured Deposit."
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